Nel paese dei coppoloni

Directed by Stefano Obino

During 19th and 20th January 2016, the film «Vinicio Capossela – Nel paese dei Coppoloni» was screened. This film represents a bridge between the pages of «Il paese dei Coppoloni» and the music of «Canzoni della Cupa», from which the film’s soundtrack comes from. It was produced by laeffe, PMG and La Cùpa and it has been distributed by Nexo Digital. On 9th June 2016 the dvd version has been released. 

«Vinicio Capossela – Nel paese dei Coppoloni» is a cinematograhic, geographic, musical and fantasy journey into the heritage of culture, stories and songs that is told, sung and lived by the author himself. It was already the inspiration behind the book «Il paese dei Coppoloni» and the record «Canzoni della Cupa». A world that History has almost buried, but that makes us hear the echo and the sound if we are prepared to listen to it and to dream. 

The film takes place in High Irpinia, where you can find abandoned houses, old railways, woods, wild animals and unspoiled landscapes. This is where Capossela’s literary and musical ispiration became true, giving us the portrait of an almost lost and forgotten Italy, another side of a country that still wants to tell its history and its energy: the voices, the faces, the characters, the popular traditions, the weddings, the music that spins through the Cupa’s paths, the conversation in the main square, the chats at the barber shop, the walks on donkeys paths, the resistent and wild nature. 

An imaginary place that becomes true, a physical space that turns into pure imagination. A unique occasion to follow the «wandering musician» Vinicio Capossela in this journey led by music and storytelling.