La faccia della terra

Directed by Gianfranco Firriolo

In 2010, Vinicio Capossela and Feltrinelli released a film, made up of a dvd and a book, named «La faccia della terra». This film must be considered as a physical and interior journey between the stories behind the recordings of Capossela’s album, «Da solo»; in fact, the film’s name echoes one of the songs featured in the album. 

It is an on the road film-story, discovering disappeared seasons, inconsistent instruments, fantasy or everyday characters, pages of life becoming songs, accidental and fatal meetings, mirroring solitudes, American side shows. 

Directed with mixed techniques by Gianfranco Firriolo, «La faccia della terra» offers a new view on Vinicio Capossela’s artistic universe: in this way, the film becomes a first-person narration of the creative process that lies behind every story and every songs. Transforming what formerly had to be just the recording of the backstage, Firriolo blended many techniques like readings, video poetry and music video. 

Reality, fiction and surreal alternate in this unique film, which shows much more that just what is “behind the scenes”.