Directed by Andrea Segre

On 3rd December 2013 the film «Indebito» was screened in Italian cinemas. «Indebito» is a documentary written by Vinicio Capossela and Andrea Segre, who also directed it; it is produced by Jole Film and La Cùpa in collaboration with Rai Cinema. 

Today’s crisis is identitary, before being economical. It is separation, disorientation. European cultures have been sold out to homologation coming from consumption and the race towards wealth.

Our documentary reflects some time spent while listening to the absence of ourselves, living without a perspective.

In order to do it, we wandered as flâneurs in the country that is the symbol of the crisis: Greece and its debts.
This way, Greece becomes Europe, its crisis is our crisis and rebetiko becomes the living chant of a desperate hope