Bestiario d’amore – Vinicio Capossela incontra Alessandro Barbero

Directed by Alberto Nerazzini

A musical conversation about Richard de Fournival’s Bestiaire d’amours, the literary work that inspired Capossela’s EP Bestiario d’amore, illustrated by an amazing artist, Elisa Seitzinger. 
Fournival’s Bestiaire is a treaty about love, the extreme speech of a lover who tries to convince the woman he loves of the uniqueness and strength of his feelings. It is a concertato that speaks to all the five senses in a contemporary way, maybe because the way we experience love has not changed and we still brood, brawl and fly because of it, and love turns us into swans, crows or whales. To talk about love during time of social distancing, Vinicio Capossela discusses with the historian Alessandro Barbero about images and texts, about Middle Ages and post-modernism, about science and beliefs, poetry and history and in general about the whole interior zoo that love sets free.