This is Vinicio Capossela’s first live album. It has been recorded in October 1997 at Naima Club in Forlì and released the following year. The concert features a Macedonian brass band named Kocani Orkestar: this is the definite seal of Capossela’s love for Balcanian music, that became a proper way of feeling. That night was so memorable that nobody remembered it the following day – the concert lasted five hours and even the garbage men thought they were in a dream when they saw a singer, wearing a fur hat, leading a noisy, dancing parade while getting out of the club in the middle of the night and of the up-coming autumn.

A special mention for the album’s title: Liveinvolvo is a tribute to Capossela’s house, so it can be considered a “domestic” record, that properly explains his figure of “driving piano player” screaming «THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT!».

Liveinvolvo features some of Capossela’s beloved songs played in a new version, enriched by the music of Kocani Orkestar, and two cover songs: Estate, the only Italian jazz standard, written by Bruno Martino, and Il pugile sentimentale by Vladimir Vytsosky. It has been released not only on cd and tape, but also as a home video.


  1. Una giornata senza pretese – 3:27
  2. La notte se n’è andata – 4:03
  3. Stanco e perduto – 3:21
  4. Il fantasma delle tre – 4:41
  5. Fatalità – 3:08
  6. Estate – 3:43
  7. Cristal – 1:54
  8. Ultimo amore – 7:11
  9. Scivola vai via – 5:14
  10. L’accolita dei rancorosi – 4:31
  11. Che coss’è l’amor – 4:59
  12. Notte newyorkese – 3:48
  13. Contrada Chiavicone – 4:00
  14. Zampanò – 4:04
  15. Al veglione – 4:05
  16. All’una e trentacinque circa – 4:20
  17. Il pugile sentimentale – 4:17
  18. Scatà scatà (Scatafascio) – 2:58


Vinicio Capossela (piano, tremolo guitar and voice), Enrico Lazzarini (double bass), Mirco Mariani (drums), Piero Odorici (saxophone), Luciano Titi (accordeon, organ e percussions), Giancarlo Bianchetti (guitars), Roberto Faenzi (repenique and percussions), Maurizio Asaro (congas), Davide Graziano (drums), Neat Veliov and Kocani Orkestar.