All’una e trentacinque circa

Round one thirty five a.m., people left Bellaria Igea Marina’s Pjazza so that it became the cradle of night-owls and moody people, those who never give up, and if they do, it’s in a great style. They were the first audience of this album’s songs, recorded in a tape during an afternoon in August 1989. A few months later, the tape ended in Francesco Guccini’s stereo player, and then in the hands of Renzo Fantini, producer and manager of both Guccini and Paolo Conte. A year after the recording of that tape, still in August, the album came to life and it became a kind of noir film. A Round midnight, but shot in CCCP’s and Pier Vittorio Tondelli’s Emilia. 

In 1991, the album was awarded the Targa Tenco for the Best New Act. So, that performance tame became a record, a record that smells of rain and moquette. Biographical flashes, songs written to anticipate life, when you could still come to terms with it. Disarming instant pictures that make the journey epic, in which it’s the sound, more than the meaning of the words, to create a world. “Sounds are the background of an imaginary world. A world that is full of troubles, full of moody people, crowded streets and old cars”. The sounds are by Antonio Marangolo, immy Villotti, Ellade Bandini and Enrico Lazzarini. 

Everything started with a melody played at the piano, that reminded of a song by Dylan, I Was Young When I Left Home. Life added words, with its fractures, and that breath spread the whole geography. It’s piano bar’s epic.


  1. Resta con me – 4:41
  2. Una giornata senza pretese – 3:27
  3. Quando ti scrivo – 4:03
  4. Christmas song – 3:18
  5. Pongo sbronzo – 2:56
  6. Suite delle quattro ruote – 2:29
  7. Scivola vai via – 4:30
  8. I vecchi amori – 3:16
  9. Stanco e perduto – 3:30
  10. Sabato al corallo – 2:58
  11. All’una e trentacinque circa – 3:46


Vinicio Capossela (piano and voice), Jimmy Villotti (guitars), Ellade Bandini (drums), Enrico Lazzarini (double bass), Antonio Marangolo (saxophone), Marco Tamburini (trumpet and flicorno), Massimo Pitzianti(bandoneon), Mimmo Turone (Hammond C3 organ), Peppe Consolmagno(percussions), Emanuele Rossi (violin), Massimo Barbierato (violin), Daniele Pagella (viola), Luciano Girardengo (cello).