In clandestinità


Vinicio Capossela vs Vincenzo Costantino “Cinaski” in a round-shaped book. Two friends, two booze mates – Mr Pall and Mr Mall -, complementary and indivisible like the cigarettes, dealing with everyday epic. Drunkness and abandon, solitude and night rambling, old cars and, above all, friendship that always saves and allows you to float. 

Vinicio attacks, “Cinaski” answers. Tale after tale, poem against poem, the world of Vinicio Capossela unfolds, a world that is Fellini’s circus, panopticon, memory carousel, feelings’ sarabanda. 

Pages-shaped rounds, because boxe is a kind of life metaphor. A match after the other. Gong and gong again, and we are always more..?, all destined to become “old glories”, orphans of the golden lights of our youth.