Il paese dei coppoloni


…What are you looking for? This is what the singer-teller was asked in his father’s lands. He wanders through these places with a sharp gaze and a memory full of stories. And he is told many stories by some figures who carried fate with them, who had the task of guiding him into his path. Places and people sound with their “nicknames”: Scatozza“tamer of trucks”, Mandarino, la Totara, Cazzariegghio, Pacchi Pacchi, Capodiuccello, Camoia, la Marescialla: each one of them warns the wanderer, each one warns him, each one seems the guardian of a truth that the more is about us, the more it is out of History. 

The wanderer must answer, along with the reader, to a heritage of wisdom that seems to have abandoned all those who walk through paths and streets, under the moonlight, in the daylight, accompanied by barking dogs. 

 Like Carlo Levi and Ernesto De Martino, «Il paese dei Coppoloni» is a work in which reality can be seen only behind the deforming veil of a majestic, epic sense of human experience, of a past time that rises again to populate our dull contemporary chaos of mysteries and splendor.

2015 - Carlo Levi Prize